Icelandic horses at Eindhoven Ice Rink again

Icelandic horses at Eindhoven Ice Rink again

The 400 meter-track of the  IJssportcentrum Eindhoven will not have skaters on Saturday, but 90 Icelandic horses. This will be for the second edition of Ice Horse Eindhoven.

The animals will be fitted with special spikes under their hooves to ensure that they have better grip on the ice. Most of the Icelanders enjoy doing this, according to the organisers of the race-event. To make sure that all the horses like it, today the riders may still practice on the ice in Eindhoven.

Icelanders are horses that have various gaits. Besides walking, trotting and galloping, they also know how to tölt, where their legs move much faster that when they are just walking and a gait known as the amble. During this type of movement, the horse moves the two legs on the same side at the same time.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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