Carnival trend 2017: Steampunk

With carnival days fast approaching, revellers are again looking for an original costume. The carnival shop, Compleet Verkleed, researched 10,000 of their transactions. One of the most notable and popular trends is ‘Steampunk’.

The party store, ‘t Snabbeltje on the Grote Berg, also recognise this trend. The Steampunk suits are hard to get. “People come to shop specifically for these costumes, or they come in and stumble upon them, and then they are immediately sold out”, said Eliëtte de Haas from ‘t Snabbletje.

The costumes look quite peculiar. The appearance is a mish mash of Victorian, fantasy and science fiction. It is somewhat reminiscent of an old British detective, like Sherlock Holmes.

It is not yet really busy at the festival shop on the Grote Berg. “The crowds come on the Friday before carnival.  And over the carnival days it also remains busy for accessories that are broken or lost.”

Source: Studio040

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