VNL asks questions in Parliament about visit of terror suspect in Eindhoven

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Political Party VNL (populist rightwing party) wanted to know why Quwaiti Abdul Mohsen al-Mutari was alowed to speak in Eindhoven last May. Namely, a day before he was placed on the terror list by the American government.

The question was posed on Friday by writer and former journalist Carel Brendel on his blog. On it he writes that Al-Mutairi was one of the speakers from May 20th untli May 22th on the Spring conference with the theme “Radicalism: Causes and Solutions”.

A day before, on the 19th of May 2016 the American Department of Finances announced that Al-Mutairi was added to a list of persons responsible for financial support to terrorist organisations. According to the United States he raised funds for terrorist organisations since 2012. He did so through charity institutions.

The writer also worries about the contacts between Abdul Mohsin al-Mutairi and the imam and treasurer of the A-Fourkaan Mosque in Eindhoven, Imad Eldin Bakri Ismail.

Brendel ends his piece with the question for further explanations by the responsible Dutch authorities.

VNL takes these questions to Parliament. They will ask Ard van der Steur, Secretary for Security and Justice, if the government was aware of the background of the Sheik and how it was possible that he could speak in Eindhoven anyway. VNL also asks what measures the Secretary is planning to take to prevent ‘these kind of dangerous and unacceptable situations’ in the future.

VNL would really want Van de Steur to close Mosques that invite these “hate preachers’

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maurice Crombeecke

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