There might be giraffes and antelopes in the Best Zoo: ‘They seem like nice animals’

Best Zoo would like to have giraffes (archive photo EduardoMerille)

Best Zoo hopes to be able to house giraffes and antelopes in the next two years. A brand new entrance building is also in the pipeline.

Owner, Jos Nooren, hopes these plans will become reality in two years. “Antelopes just look like nice animals. They will also add variety to the animals in the park”.

Meals with giraffes

The new entrance building will, according to plans, have areas for staff, workshops, lecture rooms and accommodation for giraffes. “The building will have to be two stories high. For giraffes you, naturally, need a bit of height. That would be best”.

“It would also be nice if people could eat somthing there, while watching the giraffes. You don’t see that anywhere.”


The small zoo in Broekdijk houses about seventy kinds of animals at the moment. Best Zoo will soon hand its expansion plans in at the Municipality. These will then still need to be inspected.

Source: omroepbrabant
Translator: Melinda

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