Fireworks training for anxious dogs in Eindhoven

Free fireworks training for anxious dogs. Until the year’s end, Eindhoven’s dogs and their owners can get practice with loud bangs, gun smoke and fireworks.

Astrid Feyen-Martijn is a certified dog trainer and provides training in the Bonifaciuspark. “I hope I can provide the owners with tools to keep their dogs calm when fireworks are set off.”

The dogs first practice session is with less intense sounds. The training begins with exercises such as rattling a can of marbles and firing a toy cap gun. The latter is so that the dogs get used to gun smoke.

Later, a fireworks CD and an alarm pistol are used for the training. Ultimately, real fireworks will be offered. “For this I also have a permit from the council’, explains Feyen-Martijn.

The trainer strives for anxiety-free dogs. “That would be very nice, of course. In any case. I hope that the owners can keep their dogs calm during the New Year celebrations.”

Source: Studio040

Translation: Lenise Collimore


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