Parktheater website accessible to expats

Parktheater Eindhoven has made its website accessible to the expatriate community. All of the site’s information is now also available in English.

On the Parktheater website, descriptions of all the shows as well as general information about the theatre are now available in English.

Show-specific webpages feature a link appearing at the top of the show, where visitors can click and choose between English or Dutch text.

And general information can be found by clicking on the “Information in English” banner located on the website’s homepage.

The Parktheater has taken numerous steps to make its theatre more attractive and accessible to expats. For example, its telephone Voice Response System menu now offers an option of ‘English’ for callers. In addition, the Parktheater offers extra services for internationals including English-language brochures and flyers, a quarterly calendar, special ‘international’ nights and guided tours in English.

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