Ice masters Eindhoven working day and night for good ice

The ice masters in the  IJssportcentrum (Ice Sportcenter) are working day and night trying to get the job in time for the opening. On October 14 the ice rink in the city will open again.

The ice for the outdoor track has to be build up from scratch. Starting monday the first water was sprayed on the track for the first layers of ice.

The current outdoor temperature is really helping the the ice masters. The colder it is, the easier. Coordinator Robin van der Heijden explains: “We have a strong engine that can cool the floor quite well, but a cool outdoor temperature also helps freeze the water. Then the water also freezes at the top layer  ”

Whether the rink will be finished in time is always exciting, but the organizatio has confidence they will succeed. If all goes well, it will be possible to skate this friday on the outside rink in Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Peter Marijnissen


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