Eindhoven homeless show their art work

A group of homeless persons are showcasing their artwork this week at de Hallenweg in Eindhoven. The (formerly) homeless persons are showing the general public their pieces of art.

‘The Living Museum’ at de Hallenweg is a place where clients from care organization Neos can express themselves creatively. The making of the pieces of art helps them to make sense of the often heavy emotions and experiences of living on the street. Being occupied in creative pursuits can become a way to liberate one-self and help heal wounds.
The approach has proven successful in similar projects in other cities. Homeless persons and addicts regain their self-confidence and pride by making their pieces of art. The art exhibition is open until Sunday. The concept comes from the Living Museum located in Queens in New York, where mental patients have been able to express themselves via art in a safe and welcoming environment. The concept has now taken shape in Eindhoven and it is vision of the living museum to become a safe haven for people to be creative in a judgment free environment.

The living museum is open until Sunday from 10-1800, free admittance

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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