Online platform for newcomers

Public broadcasters have set up an online platform for newcomers to the Netherlands.

The public broadcasters have collaborated to develop an online platform for newcomers to the Netherlands. Net in Nederland aims to provide refugees, immigrants and expats with an on-demand media selection, designed to help get to know the country and Dutch society.

Net in Nederland is an initiative of AVROTROS, BNN-VARA, KRO-NCRV, VPRO, EO, MAX and HUMAN and is supported by NTR and the NPO.

The idea is that the platform will allow newcomers to get to know the story of the Netherlands. A selection of the range of public media will offer insights into our Dutch history, traditions, language, written and unwritten laws and rules, national characteristics and quirks.

The selection includes informative, educational and cultural programmes for all ages, with subtitles in Dutch, English and Arabic.

Programmes include Het Klokhuis, Nederland van Boven, De Hokjesman and the 6 o’clock news.

Eindhoven News reporter: Lizzie Kean

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