News to the Netherlands gives subtitles to dutch media

New to the Netherlands is an online platform which aims to help newcomers to our country – people such as refugees and immigrants – find their way in Dutch society by offering them a range of on-demand media content.

The aim is to create a lasting platform where newcomers can acquaint themselves with all aspects of the Netherlands. A selection of the public broadcasting system’s media content will provide a wide variety of insights into the history, customs, language, written and unwritten laws and rules, national character and idiosyncrasies of the Netherlands.

New to the Netherlands will provide a range of informative, educational and cultural programming for people of all ages – all of which will be made accessible to the target groups by means of Dutch, English and Arabic subtitles. To foster a more rapid acquisition and better understanding of the Dutch language all the content will have fixed ‘on screen’ subtitling.

New to the Netherlands not only translates the programs into English and Arabic. The platform also points out initiatives which can be helpful for newcomers in the Netherlands.

Author: Peter Marijnissen

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