Steinbuch to receive first KIVI Academic Society Award

Maarten Steinbuch will be receiving the first-ever Academic Society Award of the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI). The professor of Control Systems Technology at TU/e was awarded the prize thanks to the appealing way he manages to link science and society. The award will be presented on the Day of the Engineer on March 18.

"I’m very excited to have won this award. I’m proud, and I think it’s great KIVI has introduced the prize. The relationship between engineers, science, and society deserved attention, and that’s exactly what this achieves", says Steinbuch.

He believes he’s been awarded the prize because he has media presence, and is an active professor – in the industry as well. "It’s vital for engineers and scientists to connect with society. Energy, health, and mobility are three important research areas that require that connection, and they happen to be areas I’m active in." Steinbuch’s areas of expertise include smart mobility, the development of care and surgery robots, and sustainable energy technology, especially nuclear fusion.

According to KIVI, Steinbuch has been awarded the prize because of his contribution to important social technological developments, and the way he connects academic research with projects within and outside the university. Furthermore, KIVI commends his approachable and appealing enthusiasm that catches on with children, students, the industry and others. Steinbuch is known for his lectures for children and regular radio and tv performances. He has 6,500 Twitter followers and a popular blog.


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