‘NRE site no danger to national health’

There is no danger to national health on and around the NRE site in Eindhoven. This is what city council member Schreurs has stated to City Council yesterday evening.

According to the council member there have been soil pollution examinations on this site in 2008, 2013 and this year. From these researches would appear that there is no reason for concern. According to Schreurs there would only be danger if there were digging to the soil. Because then toxic waste is exposed.

During recent times neighbours and opposition parties have been very concerned about soil pollution on the former site of the power company NRE. The site is being redeveloped and will offer place to restaurants and studios. During this redevelopment the site will also have to be restructured.

According to occupants the council member is downplaying soil pollution and the risks for underground water pollution. They want clarity or else they will proceed to court and they will file claims.

In two weeks City Council will debate about this issue. The Ouderen Appel (Senior Citizens Party) and the LPF (Pim Fortuin Party) had wished to discuss this matter today, but the other fractions expressed a desire to study examinations and hear parties involved first.

Source: Studio040

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