Politicians wear rainbow bands to protest Qatar’s human rights violations

Eindhoven Politicians
Studio 040

In protest against the human rights situation in Qatar and support of sexual minorities, Eindhoven politicians will wear a rainbow band on Tuesday evening. During the municipal council meeting, the group leaders of ten political parties will wear a ‘One Love’ armband.

Almost all parties are participating in the initiative from D66. Only the leaders of the Democracy Forum and the LPF have refused to wear a band.


The reason for the action is the discussion about the World Cup in Qatar. The country has been widely criticized in the West for their human rights violations and their repression of rights of the LGBTIQ community. Hundreds to thousands of migrant workers are said to have died during the construction of the stadium.

In a joint statement, the parties said: ‘We are shocked by the human rights violations in Qatar and against the LGBTIQ community in particular. We are appalled by the reaction of the football association FIFA. We want to make a statement to send a signal.”

After pressure from FIFA, footballers from Western countries are not wearing the rainbow bands this World Cup.

Source: Studio040

Translate: Ayşenur Kuran 


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