Recurring chaos at Eindhoven Airport

Large crowds at Eindhoven Airport Photo credit: Studio040

It seems like a recurring nightmare for travellers flying out of Eindhoven Airport. Passengers once again experienced confusion, leaving them stranded in the departure hall on Sunday. An eyewitness speaks of ‘chaos and people crying’. 

According to eyewtinesses Mr and Ms Nuij, the stagnation of the flow of travellers led to ‘chaos and people crying’. Travellers were seen crawling under barriers or jumping the queue. It occasionally produced heated scenes. “The Royal Marechaussee was stationed in various places to keep the peace”, Ms Nuij describes.

According to Ms Nuij, the luggage handling system had come to a complete standstill due to a technical malfunction and a shortage of staff – a problem that the airport has been struggling with for a long time.

Once the couple had cleared the long line, they arrived at a closed boarding gate. The plane was ready outside, but boarding was no longer possible. “We had already checked our suitcase. We received it back surprisingly quickly”. They found themselves back home wondering if they could fly to Vienna on Monday.

Her assessment of Eindhoven Airport is harsh. “Terribly amateurish. Hundreds of passengers are severely disadvantaged. The only thing they announce in the departure hall is that the service desk is overrun. They asked us to kindly send our complaints by email. If you can’t handle it, cancel the flight. But don’t let people come to the airport if you can’t help them”.

An airport spokesman said that many security personnel are sick. “As a result, the number of rows had to be reduced”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha



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