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We stand for a fair, sustainable and progressive Eindhoven. The consequences of the climate crisis are already evident. It is impossible to find an affordable home. And the gap between rich and poor is widening. These are the issues GroenLinks aims to tackle. 

If we don’t, the planet will get increasingly warmer and our society increasingly poorer. Therefore, we aim to address the climate crisis fairly. Everyone should have an affordable place to live, a green and healthy environment and a life free of poverty and debt.

GroenLinks is the only political party that connects both green and left-wing ideals.

We combine idealism with decisiveness: we are successfully governing Eindhoven as the largest progressive party comprising of seven council members and two aldermen. 


The climate crisis is undoubtedly the largest challenge of our time. GroenLinks has already taken responsibility for addressing the issue in our city council’s coalition. As the only green and left-wing party, GroenLinks stands not only for climate action but also for climate justice. Major polluters, who are responsible for climate change, should urgently cut their emissions and additionally therefore we support Eindhoven’s low-income citizens in the sustainable energy transition.

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This is what we propose to do:

  • Tackle energy poverty by investing in making houses more sustainable. 
  • Ending heavy industry and major pollution close to neighbourhoods, such as in De Hurk.
  • Fewer flights and more trains: we will stop the growth of Eindhoven Airport and choose to have more international rail travel.


For students, those starting families and the elderly it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain in Eindhoven. The housing prices and rents keep increasing. Slum landlords and speculators have become richer at the expense of society at large. GroenLinks wants a just approach to the housing crisis. Villas and luxury penthouses do not solve these problems. Affordable homes do.

This is what we propose to do:

  • Building 15.000 new houses in Eindhoven to battle the housing crisis.
  • Ridding Eindhoven of slum landlords and property speculators.
  • When building new homes, we will strive for at least 40% to be available for social rent. Also, we will continue our efforts for sufficient and affordable student housing.


In these times it is easy to get isolated from each other. This is why GroenLinks is committed to an inclusive and lively city. A city with culture, sports and events. A city where everyone feels welcome, a city where all can be themselves and participate fully, irrespective of who you are. We do not tolerate racism and discrimination. Because together we make Eindhoven ours.

This is what we propose to do:

  • We don’t tolerate discrimination or racism whatsoever and work hard for an inclusive society.
  • Making the whole family feel at home. Plenty of opportunities to learn the language and excellent international education.
  • GroenLinks invests in culture, sports and events.


Everyone should have a pleasant and clean environment. However, the air in Eindhoven is polluted. GroenLinks, therefore, chooses a radical “greenification” of Eindhoven for the betterment of humans, plants and animals and adequate infrastructure for cyclists and public transport.

This is what we propose to do:

  • Invest in trees, especially in the neighbourhoods that lack green spaces and in the city centre.
  • For every citizen a park within five minutes biking distance.
  • A car-free city centre in 2030: more space for pedestrians, cyclists and green areas.


A large percentage of our citizens struggle with day to day poverty and debt. GroenLinks stands for fairness. Not everyone out for themselves, but stronger together. We stand for social security in which everyone can reach their full potential. Fighting inequality is our priority.

 This is what we propose to do:

  • Fair social welfare: a more trustworthy government and less bureaucracy.
  • More investment in reducing educational disparity.
  • More help for people in financial difficulties and those in poverty.


Check the English website of GroenLinks for more information: https://eindhoven.groenlinks.nl/en/. You’ll find our main topics and profiles of our candidates there. Above all, choose right and don’t forget to vote on 14, 15, and 16 march for a fair, sustainable and progressive Eindhoven!

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