Zongenoten I XXL I IJzeren Man

De Ijzeren Man Javalaan 149, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Enjoy the summer with an ice cold beer, the sun and some headphones on your head. Zongenoten is a great silent disco party held at the Ijzeren Man. There are 3 areas, one with hit’s and R&B, 1 with silent disco and one with a mix of disco, house and tech house. Tickets are € 29,95 […]



Wilhelminaplein Wilhelminaplein, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Bluesplein 2019 is the yearly free blues party held at Cafe Wilhelmina and the Wilhelminaplein. Expect some really cool blues bands like Big Pete, Ragtime Rumours and Allman Brothers Tribe. The festival runs from 14:30 till 22:30. Entrance is free.



Campina terrein Hugo van der Goeslaan 2, Eindhoven, North-Brabant, Netherlands

From a beautiful 1967 NSU 1000c converted into a DJ booth, the Rogue steak DJs play amazing music that you will not hear anywhere else because of their unique sound. Do you want to create a great atmosphere? Do you want to swing to music or do you want adventurous, special music in the background? Stadsoase […]