Crafted: Festival for creative crafts in Klokgebouw

Klokgebouw Klokgebouw 50, Eindhoven

Join Crafted in the Klokgebouw (and Blue Collar Hotel) on June 20. The Crafted festival is organised by students from Summa Fashion, Summa Wonen & Design, Rock City Institute, Metal Factory, Summa Horeca, Summa Brood & Banket, Summa Uiterlijke Verzorging and Summa Engineering. They are supported by teachers, local enterprises and other students. So expect […]

€5 – €10

Crafted – An ode to creativity

Klokgebouw Klokgebouw 50, Eindhoven

An ode to all talented artists, bakers, cooks, hairdressers, stylists, interior designers, fashion designers and engineers. Crafted is the event for creative craftsmanship.  Meet the makers of the future! Crafted is the festival of creativity and craftsmanship, where students of Summa College's creative education proudly show what they have to offer. From bakers to hairdressers […]

Only for fashion show5

The Intercultural Get Together

Summa Zorg, Welzijn en Maatschappij & Gezondheid Willem de Rijkelaan 3, Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands

Everyone is cordially invited to the Intercultural Get Together, a day with various activities related to the development of children, increasing cultural sensitivity, discussing different experiences and exchanging good practice. The students of the study Pedagogical Employee at Summa College are participants in this event. Possible activities: Intercultural quiz Exchange ideas in speed date setting […]