Mies-en-Scène: EHV <--> BCN, 4 days in Pand-P

Pand P Leenderweg 65

EHV<->BCN is a play in where we meet two special grandmothers: Marie from Eindhoven and Marie from Barcelona. Both in the same phase of their lives, but at a different place. How does their life look like? How do they experience getting older? And to what extent is that culturally determined? Based on their lives […]


Tuna Festival

Markt, Eindhoven Markt, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

This weekend you can enjoy some great tuna bands (Spanish folk music mostly played by students). Around the Markt and in the city centre Tuna groups will rejoice their cheerful Tuna music, romantic serenades and spectacular capacitive and panderetta shows. Friday night they will play in several bars in Eindhoven and Saturday and Sunday there […]