Romanian community picnic on Saturday 22 June

blaarthemseweg 90 Blaarthemseweg 90, Veldhoven, North-Brabant, Netherlands

Romanian picnic in Eindhoven Good food, folk music, traditional sewing and summer games, Saturday 22 june, 13:00-19:00, Blaarthemseweg 90, Veldhoven at the Eindhoven Romanian community picnic. The Romanian Community in Eindhoven and its Friends organise the 2019 edition of the "Romanian picnic”. Everyone interested in good food, folk music, traditional sewing, children theatre (in Romanian), […]


Social, Potluck Picnic, Music & More at Stadswandelpark

Stadswandelpark Alberdingk Thijmlaan 3, Eindhoven, Noord- Brabant, Netherlands

It´s picnic season! Let´s all share a nice picnic together in the sun! The organizers will be meeting near the pond at Stadswandelpark. You can join them there for lunch, dinner (or both :-) Apart from bringing something to eat / drink, they´d like to ask you to help upgrade the picnic: Perhaps you can […]

Picnic Social | Peace Day Park Picnic

Anne Frankplantsoen Eindhoven, North-Brabant, Netherlands

21 September is International Peace Day! A perfect day to get together for an international picnic :-) The United Nations (UN) have formulated 17 ´Sustainable Development Goals´ to stimulate global cooperation. Within Eindhoven, many groups & individuals work on these UN goals, aiming to create a better world. On World Peace Day, they will gather […]

Romanian Picnic

blaarthemseweg 90 Blaarthemseweg 90, Veldhoven, North-Brabant, Netherlands

July 8th is going to be a warm day. Are you looking for a chill afternoon around Eindhoven to enjoy folk music, a cooking contest, a children show, a small science festival for children, an embroidery workshop, summer games and traditional food? Then join the Romanian Community in Eindhoven and its Friends. In English, Dutch […]