Eindhoven By Day

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

Eindhoven By Day is a great indoor festival held at a special place in Eindhoven. This time the festival is held inside the Parktheater.


Ticket to the Tropics

Pand P Leenderweg 65

Caribbean food, tropical cocktails and live music that wil loosen your hips. What feels more like summer than a Caribbean themed party? Expect a great party with delicious food, a swinging live band, plastic flamingo and a waiter serving the best cocktails. So put on your hawaii shirt and visit Pand-P Saturday night


An Autumn Party for ALL!

Una Paloma Blanca - Language Hub Gashouder 15, Eindhoven, Noord- Brabant, Netherlands

A fall party for all. Come and turn over a new leaf as they enter the new school year. Meet teachers and students at the Una Paloma Blanca Language School and join the party.

SUPER Fout kerst 2019

Beursgebouw Lardinoisstraat 10, Eindhoven, Netherlands

On December 20 and 21, 2019, SUPER FOUT will be coming to Eindhoven to let all the brabos go wild! Expect a night full of craziness with performances by Snollebollekes and 2-Unlimited, among others, the most wrong music where you and your most wrong friends will go wild during the most wrong performances!


NEW Year 2020

Domusdela Mariënhage, Kanaalstraat 4, Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands

2020 starts with a fun party and everyone in Eindhoven has a chance to be there. 2020 Is a festive year because it is 100 years ago that  city was formed from six villages. It start that party with the New Year's reception in the form of a cultural program. Julinka van Keulen & Maarten […]

Techno Touch

Genneper Parken Genneperweg 143, eindhoven, Noord- Brabant, Netherlands

A new and fun dance party with a nice groovy techhouse by DJ Pieter Ellis (known from Paperclip, Wish and Tikkie Techno. This DJ from Eindhoven also makes musical trips to thick techno or classic dance tracks this evening . it is like to have enough space to keep it danceable, which is why it has […]


A cross-pollination between music, fashion, dance & art in the Evoluon

Evoluon Noord Brabantlaan 1a, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Strengthen and develop urban culture in Eindhoven - Three young ambitious collectives with a heart for Eindhoven. Tasty Folk, ANGE Projects and Connect the Odds, join forces with the Evoluon to create a unique event on the evening of May 20. During this evening, the worlds of music, fashion, dance and art will be harmoniously connected. […]