International Women’s day in Eindhoven Library

Bibliotheek Eindhoven Emmasingel 22, Eindhoven, Netherlands

International Women’s Day: Everyone’s a hero! “Because you deserve to be the hero of your own life.” Heroes: Notable, invisible, dead and alive, big and small ones. We all know them, because in every town or village are -or were- heroes present. Heroes who have committed themselves in an exceptional way, fighting for the rights […]


International Women’s Day celebration in Eindhoven on 9 March

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

The C. L. O. (The Latin American Center for Orientation) would like to announce that International Women's Day in Eindhoven will be celebrated on Saturday, March 09, 2019. As in previous years, this takes place in the Park Theater. We would like to do this in cooperation with other organizations, to make this a multifaceted […]


International Women’s Day

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

Embrace Equity. Connect to celebrate achievements and a call for positive change. Entrance fee: The entrance fee for the International Women's Day 11 March 2023 Parktheater Eindhoven: Embrace Equity is this year €5 for the public.