MU program for the Dutch Design Week

MU Torenallee 40-06, Eindhoven, Noord- Brabant, Netherlands

The New Newsroom: Reporting Redesigned News apps, videos, podcasts, Twitter feeds, VR: we’ve come a long way since the days of the town crier or the printed press. Submerged in media, we have numerous ways to generate and share stories – literally at our fingertips. So how can we use the power of digital technology, big […]


Make the future, Expo during DDW

Albert van Abbehuis Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

MAKE THE FUTURE is welcoming the curious, the open-minded, the extraordinary and the autonomous. Discover a range of exhibits, talks, performances and more during Dutch Design Week. Check the socials for updates. with Agi Haines BioLab Gent Daan Veerman Floor Martens Gogbot House of Hopelezz Jeroen Schokkin Maartje Dijkstra Motown Movement Mycelium Lab Sterre Boessen […]


Turkey: More Than Kebab, at DDW

(H)eerlijk Anders Hallenweg 9, Eindhoven, North-Brabant, Netherlands

Exhib-EAT-ion & Dining Experience; An interactive showcase of Turkish design from cityscape to table. Turkish culture in the Netherlands is most commonly depicted via Kebab shops. As chefs, designers and architects we want to showcase the dynamism of Turkish design as it touches the very fabric of society and shapes ideas, environments and interactions, both […]


Arthouse – The Unofficial DDW Closing Festival

LAB-1 Keizersgracht 19, Eindhoven, Noord-Branant, Netherlands

"Arthouse - The Unofficial DDW Closing Festival" at LAB -1 (former Euro Cinema / Seeing Cinema) in Eindhoven. You won't find a better ending to DDW because with a line-up consisting of Danny Howells, 2000 and One, EgbertLIVE, Ramon Tapia, Roger Martinez, Claudio, STVN & Ivo Foreal, you've saved a lot of money to make […]


Dutch Design Week

‘The New Intimacy’ is the theme of the Dutch Design Week held from 17 to 25 October. Due to the corona pandemic the event will be fully virtual. The DDW has spent the past couple of months developing a virtual festival experience.  The DDW has setup an online tv channel for the duration of the […]