Christmas Market the oud-tongelre way

't Wasven Celebeslaan 30, Eindhhoven, Netherlands

At Tongelre Christmas Market this year the annexation of Tongelre is central. The annexation took place in 2020, but in the run-up to that, the historic council meeting took place in 1919. You can bump into a few key figures from that time, such as mayor Van Engeland, pastor van Amstel, the 'Bisschop', 'Vette Hendrik' […]


Christmas Market – Wasven

't Wasven Celebeslaan 30, Eindhhoven, Netherlands

Come, visit and enjoy the Christmas market at the Wasven with attractive stalls, live music, and delicious snacks and drinks. Fun for young and old! Creative arts and crafts in the greenhouse are great fun for the young ones. Participation is entirely free!