Dia De Los Muertos Con La Fondita.nl

Het Cruydenhuisch Kalmoesplein 73, Eindhoven

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos in the perfect Mexican atmosphere, with traditional Mexican dishes and music. Tendremos música.. Actividades para los niños.. Buffet de comida mexicana..pan de muerto. Concurso de los mejores catrines.. Cupo limitado a 100 personas y pago con anticipación...tendremos karaoke.. Loteria y muchas sorpresas más.

Microclub at Microlab

Microlab Kastanjelaan 400, Eindhoven, North-Brabant

A club night crammed into the hours before midnight, an event with good DJs who are reprogramming a traditional club evening schedule. De Microclub organizes unique events throughout The Netherlands and has finally returned to Eindhoven on the 6th floor of Microlab.


Christmas Market the oud-tongelre way

't Wasven Celebeslaan 30, Eindhhoven

At Tongelre Christmas Market this year the annexation of Tongelre is central. The annexation took place in 2020, but in the run-up to that, the historic council meeting took place in 1919. You can bump into a few key figures from that time, such as mayor Van Engeland, pastor van Amstel, the 'Bisschop', 'Vette Hendrik' […]


SUPER Fout kerst 2019

Beursgebouw Lardinoisstraat 10, Eindhoven

On December 20 and 21, 2019, SUPER FOUT will be coming to Eindhoven to let all the brabos go wild! Expect a night full of craziness with performances by Snollebollekes and 2-Unlimited, among others, the most wrong music where you and your most wrong friends will go wild during the most wrong performances!


TIKTAK New Years Eve 2019/2020

Klokgebouw Klokgebouw 50, Eindhoven

BE PART OF THE BIGGEST COUNTDOWN IN THE COUNTRY 3.2.1 and go very fast! In a little while you'll make 2019 a thing of the past with the most popular artists of the moment! The biggest New Year's Eve event in the Netherlands is of course back and this year. surpass everything you've seen on […]


NEW Year 2020

Domusdela Mariënhage, Kanaalstraat 4, Eindhoven, North Brabant

2020 starts with a fun party and everyone in Eindhoven has a chance to be there. 2020 Is a festive year because it is 100 years ago that  city was formed from six villages. It start that party with the New Year's reception in the form of a cultural program. Julinka van Keulen & Maarten […]

DISCO ice skating

ESDV footloose Antoon colenloon 3, Eindhoven, North Brabant

Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven organizes lots of sport activities and ice-skating fun.whether it's just a day out with the family, disco ice-skating or a children's birthday party. experience the excitement during one of many ice-hockey competitions,figure skating shorttracks and more.



LAB-1 Keizersgracht 19, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

If you want to dance your Saturday night away you definitely need to go to the Modem party held at Lab-1. You can dance from 22:30 till 06:00 - so really all night! The lineup consist of 4 DJ's and the music style can be best described as house, disco, funk, 90s, deephouse and italo. […]


Stadsoase De Zomertuin

Stadsoase De Zomertuin Kanaaldijk Zuid 1D, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

Eindhoven has gotten itself a real city oasis - Stadsoase De Zomertuin. It is located at the Campina terrein. The oasis has great food and drinks, (live) music and botanic vibes. This weekend you can enjoy: Friday: Patroon - house music - 19:00 - 21:00 - € 91,90 for 6 people (only 6 person tables […]


The Wall: TGIF, at a new location

Stratum Centraal Hortensiastraat 4, Eindhoven, North-Brabant

Tired after a long week? Do you want to relax and meet new people? Kick start your Friday with TGIF. Our host Lara will be back, so come join us at a new location in Eindhoven and mingle with the neighbourhood while enjoying some free snacks (also Vegan) with your drink! Due to regulations please […]