Evoluon Noord Brabantlaan 1a, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Join us for our festive afternoon full of artistic performances, free workshops, fresh food and a host of local makers. You will also get the chance to meet different cultural organisations in Eindhoven to discover all the possibilities, this city has to offer. Enjoy the winter atmosphere with multiple stalls selling local, unique and handmade […]


Van Moll Fest 2022 Craft Beer festival Winter Edition

PSV stadium Frederiklaan 10a, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Van Moll's very own international craft beer festival. An experience for all your senses. Every year they work with might and main to create the most beautiful beer festival in the Netherlands. With the best (inter)national brewers and beers, delicious food and uplifting music. This year Van Moll is hosting a winter edition!


Christmas Market – Wasven

't Wasven Celebeslaan 30, Eindhhoven, Netherlands

Come, visit and enjoy the Christmas market at the Wasven with attractive stalls, live music, and delicious snacks and drinks. Fun for young and old! Creative arts and crafts in the greenhouse are great fun for the young ones. Participation is entirely free!

Christmas Market Woensel-West

Woensel Westside Stores Edisonstraat, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Have some oliebollen, shop for Christmas gifts, and enjoy hot chocolate around a campfire. On Sunday, 11 December, the Christmas market will be at the Edisonstraat in Woensel-West!

80’s 90’s & 00’s Radio Party

Klokgebouw Klokgebouw 50, Eindhoven

The 80's 90's & 00's Radio Party in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven Saturday, January 14, 2023, the feast of parties is FINALLY back in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. For many, the 80's 90's & 00's Radio Party is a regular fixture on the calendar and this is known as an annual reunion. If you've been to an […]


International Women’s Day

Parktheater Eindhoven Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

Embrace Equity. Connect to celebrate achievements and a call for positive change. Entrance fee: The entrance fee for the International Women's Day 11 March 2023 Parktheater Eindhoven: Embrace Equity is this year €5 for the public.


Shrigandha Ugadi 2023

Deniz Dügün Salonu Evenementencentrum Eindhoven Herentalsweg 2, Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands

Shrigandha Holland Kannada Balaga (Stichting Shrigandha) widely known as Shrigandha, is one of the oldest Indian communities in the Netherlands founded in 2004. It has been organizing events PAN Netherlands to create a platform for Kannada & for Indians originating from Karnataka and living in the Netherlands to come along and celebrate festivals like Ugadi, […]



Markets in Eindhoven: getting to know the culture

Various locations

Markets are a great way to get outside, buy what you need and... to get to know the culture. And in Eindhoven you will see that you will find a mix of all cultures across all markets. But mostly the traditional Dutch culture with its fabric stalls (here since 800 years), fish monger to get […]

AI Parade

Bibliotheek Eindhoven Emmasingel 22, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Artificial Intelligence (AI, or artificial intelligence) is the technology of the future. We already do a lot with it, such as with the new ChatGPT text generator or the facial recognition on your phone, but not everyone is aware of it, or knows how it can be used. The AI ​​Parade therefore wants to increase knowledge about […]

A cross-pollination between music, fashion, dance & art in the Evoluon

Evoluon Noord Brabantlaan 1a, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Strengthen and develop urban culture in Eindhoven - Three young ambitious collectives with a heart for Eindhoven. Tasty Folk, ANGE Projects and Connect the Odds, join forces with the Evoluon to create a unique event on the evening of May 20. During this evening, the worlds of music, fashion, dance and art will be harmoniously connected. […]