Festa do Samba Latin American Carnival at The Hub

Prepare yourself for a good party! Dance to the rhythm of samba, get on the dancefloor and taste amazing Brazilian flavors. The "Festa do Samba Carnaval" is a real Brazilian carnival party with Samba, Percussion, a DJ Máximo Manuel The Singer. Live bands, Latin American Food Plaza, Caipirinhas drink. So get your hips ready to […]

Lampegatse Optocht

Saturday starts with a parade. There is a diverse parade with floats, marching bands and colorful costumes. The Parade starts at the Dommelstraat at 12:45 and snakes its way through Dommelstraat, Stationsplein, Vestdijk, Ten Haeghestraat, Kerkstraat, Wal, Stadhuisplein, Bilderdijklaan to the Geldropseweg. Watching the parade is a wonderful way to start the weekend. Lead times […]



Stadhuisplein Stadhuisplein, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Confettival is a carnaval festival at the Stadhuisplein for people who love carnaval but want to hear a different kind of music. The music will be an eclectic mix of dance, carnaval music and anything in between. Expect complete chaos, eargasms, kilometers of polonaise and loads of beer. Saturday the line-up has for instance The […]


Strijps Kreiefist

Trudoplein Strijpsestraat 186, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

This year for the 39th time the Strijps Kreiefist is organised in the big tent at the Trudoplein. A special carnaval party for the children of Lampegat.


Farmers wedding

Markt, Eindhoven Markt, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

A great tradition to see on Tuesday is the Boerenbruiloft (literally translated “Farmers wedding”) at the Markt where a happy couple will be “unlawfullly married”. For certain something else than you would expect so do go and see!



Campina terrein Hugo van der Goeslaan 2, Eindhoven, North-Brabant, Netherlands

From a beautiful 1967 NSU 1000c converted into a DJ booth, the Rogue steak DJs play amazing music that you will not hear anywhere else because of their unique sound. Do you want to create a great atmosphere? Do you want to swing to music or do you want adventurous, special music in the background? Stadsoase […]


Sinterklaas Entry

Heuvel Galerie Eindhoven Heuvel Galerie 148, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

  From 10:00 a.m. children can already visit the Heuvel shopping center that has been transformed into a festive paradise. Sinterklaas, together with a lot of cheerful Pieten, will arrive at 18 Septemberplein around 13:00. Together with the mayor there is dancing, laughing and waving. During the day, children can participate in activities such as crafts, face painting […]

Sunday Funday: Hola Eindhoven! 

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven Heuvel 140, Eindhoven, Netherlands

At Sunday Funday, Muziekgebouw transforms their ground floor into a playground for all ages. A lively market, lots of music, activities and the tastiest drinks & bites are of course part of Sunday Funday. From family concerts to music for the real enthusiast: Sunday Funday is a great day out for everyone, for all ages […]

Desi Vibez – Summer Mela ‘23

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven Heuvel 140, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Unity in Diversity Summer Mela ’23, a family friendly event, to represent united India with unique diverse and vibrant culture. Desi Vibez, takes pride by partnering with local organizations in hosting contemporary community event celebrating Indian culture, art, dance, music, food, literature and sports and more. And aims to promote knowledge and understanding of culture, […]

€ 5,13

Romanian Picnic

blaarthemseweg 90 Blaarthemseweg 90, Veldhoven, North-Brabant, Netherlands

July 8th is going to be a warm day. Are you looking for a chill afternoon around Eindhoven to enjoy folk music, a cooking contest, a children show, a small science festival for children, an embroidery workshop, summer games and traditional food? Then join the Romanian Community in Eindhoven and its Friends. In English, Dutch […]