Eindhoven puts €700,000 into air cleaning for schools

UV-C lamps to clear air at schools
Photo credit: Sammie Leermakers/Studio040

Because of the Corona pandemic, ventilation in schools suddenly became a much-discussed topic. Now, Eindhoven council is allocating extra money, not only to ventilate schools properly, but also to conduct a trial with air-cleaning lamps.

Research conducted by Eindhoven-based lighting giant Signify, together with Boston University, shows that, for a certain amount of megajoules, 99.9 per cent of the virus particles in the air can be removed in 25 seconds, according to the municipal executive.

In order to keep the air quality in classrooms in the city high, Eindhoven considers it desirable not only to refresh the air but also to treat it and thus disinfect it. With a subsidy scheme, the municipality wants to help schools to buy the so-called UV-C lamps. However, the municipality does have one reservation: this is a new technique that still has to be proven in practice.

700 classrooms
With the amount of €700,000 that the municipality has made available, some 700 classrooms can be fitted with the equipment. Various school boards are said to be enthusiastic about participating in the trial.

Locker room
Eindhoven schools are not the first to make use of the air-cleaning lamps. Earlier, PSV announced the use of Signify lamps in their dressing rooms. This to minimize the risk of corona infections within the selection.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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