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Food blogger Brunchchick writes about everything related to food in (and around) culinary and hedonistic Eindhoven.

This time it is about culinary walks in Eindhoven. The piece was published in Studio040.

“The lack of perspective is driving Eindhoven’s hospitality industry to despair. Entrepreneurs still do not know where their industry stands. Yet these creative people are doing everything they can to achieve some turnover”.

“It’s great to see what new initiatives spring up like mushrooms. For example, the entrepreneurs have joined forces with the people who organise walks through Eindhoven. After all, walking is part of our daily routine. And we can’t wait to taste our favourite dishes from our favourite restaurants again. So the bite-and-go concept was born. Successful? Definitely! I am absolutely thrilled”.

“Every week, hundreds of residents of Eindhoven and the surrounding area take a culinary walk through the city. You buy a ticket online in advance for a walk of your choice, which consists of a short or long route. During this walk, you pass various catering hotspots, and you can enjoy several specials prepared for the walker by the catering entrepreneur”.

“It’s fun, cosy, plus you can choose between vega and non-vega dishes. Since the gyms are closed, the walk ensures that you get plenty of exercise. (Which is necessary because you eat more calories than you burn off). But the most important thing, of course, is that you support the local catering industry”.

Culinary love,

Jessie Oosterbosch is a blogger and influencer at Brunchchick. A great lover of food but not good at making choices. She likes to eat a little bit of everything. Her weekly Sunday brunch is sacred to her. On her platform Brunchchick, she blogs about the best, tastiest and hippest breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner hotspots and about her life as a starting entrepreneur and everything that comes with it.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob


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