Another metal workers’ strike

Photo credit: Studio040/Eindhoven News Media Library

For the third time, two metalworkers unions, the FNV and CNV, are organising a strike.

This is for a better collective labour agreement in the industry. This time, they will have a vehicular procession from Veldhoven to Eindhoven. The strikers will drive leave from Witven in Veldhoven tomorrow. That’s right behind the ASML factory. They will then gather near the Parktheater in Eindhoven.

The trade unions held their first strike at the end of January. These unions and several leading Brainport companies continue to butt heads. Thes companies include ASML, VDL, and DAF.

Just like two years ago, the current CLA negotiations seem to be a long-winded affair. That’s according to CNV board member Robert Wonnink. “FME is the employers’ umbrella organisation.”

Dragging their feet

“They’re apparently in no hurry to agree on fair employment conditions. But this is already the umpteenth time there’s been a strike at these Eindhoven companies. FME could well be receiving a call from the council to get a move on.”

“We’ll be visiting employers in the area about a new CLO,” FNV board member, Peter Reniers, says. “Large and small companies are inextricably linked. We’ll be calling on all these companies to join us.”

The trade unions say employees want a wage increase of at least four to five per cent in the course of a year. Employers won’t go over 2,25% over two years, the union representatives say.

Also, unions want some workers to have less strenuous tasks. These are those who are approaching the end of their careers. Part-time contracts should become permanent after six months too. And employees should Liberation Day (5 May) off.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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