Region has joint corona recovery plan

Eindhoven Metropolitan Region
The Eindhoven Metropolitan Region. Image credit: Studio040

The Eindhoven Metropolitan Region (MRE) has decided to overcome the economic malaise caused by the corona crisis jointly.

The Metropolitan Region’s 21 municipalities will focus on three pillars. These are training, digitisation, and knowledge sharing and cooperation. The MRE board will use the surplus yielded in 2019 for this.

That amount could be as much as €2 million. The councils, therefore, don’t have to raid their own coffers. The municipalities, however, intend to deploy ‘multipliers’.

Twice the amount

That means they’ll contribute at least the same amount to which they’re entitled. In this way, the funds they receive from the MRE will be ‘multiplied’. The Eindhoven Metropolitan Region wants to use the money structurally.

They will focus on education, retraining, and refresher courses. That must allow people who are no longer needed in one sector to make the transition to an industry where there’s a demand for personnel.

By focusing on digitisation, the region wants to make full use of the knowledge that has recently been developed in the field. That should be done mainly in education and SMEs. According to the MRE, digitisation can have added value. That’s in terms of quality and give a competitive edge.

Stronger together

Finally, the councils want to work together to strengthen each other. Valkenswaard Councillor, Theo Geldens, says, “We’re committed to brainstorming. This will be about how we can keep our communities livable and attractive for our residents as well as visitors.”

“A pleasant living environment and an attractive business climate are basic prerequisites for the development of our region.”

MRE Chairman, Stijn Steenbakkers, is pleased with the plan. “Working together has also helped us in difficult times. It’s already in full swing.”

“Consider the regional emergency fund for startups. If municipalities, businesses and educational institutions join forces, we can make real advances. We can ensure we really help our regional business community.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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