Your music top 10!

Photo credit: Pexels/Martin Lopes

You know we are having an afternoon and evening of activities and performances on 21 September 2019 to celebrate our 10 year anniversary starting at 14.00hrs in The Hub.

The closing of the event will be a smashing dancing party from 20.30hrs onwards where we like to see you all on the floor. We have 2 DJ’s for you!

Of course this will be more successful if we will play your favourite tunes, your groovy hits which make you move, the music with the beats on which you can’t stand still.

Picture credit: Isabella Mendes

Therefor we ask you to send in your favourite music. We will play dance music in the evening and other popular songs during the day, between the other activities. This is a great way for you to contribute.

Send us your top 10!!

Reply here to this post or mail to Remco at and we will make sure it will be in the playlist on 21 September.

Here you’ll find more on our event and here you can register (free!)

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