Eindhoven’s Got Talent! – Introducing the judging panel

Eindhoven ’s Got Talent! Are you participating? This is your time to shine on stage! Are you practising? Only 3 days left.. Hurry up..

Description of the activity: Eindhoven´s Got Talent is a talent competition that gives international and local artists and talented people living in our city a platform to showcase their gifts or skills to a live audience and judges.

This activity is organised and led by International Creative Women Eindhoven.

And the elite judging panel? Read on for more details and you will be excited!

Dirk Berkers: The Connector at The Student Hotel (TSH). Naturally, he is adept at connecting internationals. As for the TSH – you cant miss it – it is directly across the street from the Eindhoven Station, the 80-meter soaring, 400-room, full-service hotel and co-living community for students, design-savvy travelers and professionals. Dirk has a fascinating role meeting and connecting all these internationals every hour of his work. What an ideal judge for the talent show!

Annie Moeskops : As a Marketing Communications Officer at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, she works with beautiful music. Together with all kinds of partnerships in Eindhoven, Annie is constantly working to reach internationals and to keep abreast of what Muziekgebouw can do with them. Her team works with focus groups to better coordinate offers with them. Her team regularly organizes receptions for newcomers with tours and drinks. Annie, herself loves to make music and is a regular at the Music with Strangers evenings. A great talent on the judging panel!

 Marjon Reus from Park Theater. Marjon’s goal is to show business, education, healthcare and well-being as the power of culture and theatre. She enjoys helping organizations understand how culture can strengthen companies when communicating business issues. Marjon is passionate about “Stimulating happiness” and there lies her connection in the Dutch Happiness Week. She is a lucky connector at both regional and national level and many organizations are reaping the benefits. She wants Eindhoven residents to experience that the Park Theater is also the living room of Eindhoven for them. We are happy that she is one of the judges!

See you on 21st September in the Hub on Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven. Just walk in on the day of the event and we will be there to welcome you!

The organising team of Eindhoven News

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