Eindhoven in 2029 – Participate in the Panel Discussion

It is a proud day for Eindhoven News. We are celebrating 10 years of our existence. Come and join us on the 21 September at the HUB. We have the pick of grand and knowledgeable Eindhoveners who will be talking about where they see Eindhoven in the next 10 years. A panel discussion to look forward to with views on employment, housing, education, integration and culture from the experts. This is the conversation around “EINDHOVEN IN 2029”

Curious to know who is on the panel and do come prepared with your questions, of course.

Miriam Frosi – The civil servant with flair and fighting for equality – Eindhoven City Councilor. Miriam is passionate about making Eindhoven a city that is sporty, dynamic, financially healthy and international. She wants to be the voice of people who struggle with difficult living conditions here. She has moved from Milan and her love for Eindhoven is evident in the initiatives she runs to make this a much better place to live! Where does she see Eindhoven in the next decade?

Geert Simons – New kid on the education block – Principal SALTO international school. Geert is a key pillar in the internationalisation drive happening all around us. He is passionate about gearing up the field of education to meet this trend head on. Himself a Flemish Belgian, has immense international experience from working in Germany, Nigeria and the UAE – who better to understand the needs of the expats? SALTO schools is the perfect education concept to the expats with specific needs to integrate locally and yet not lose their global adaptability. Is this the norm in Brainport in the next ten years? Hear it from Geert Simons…

Jess Oberlin – Very creative, communicative, visionary and a thoroughbred connector  – Founder of PLASMA. Jess has made a bold statement in Eindhoven with her unique fashion, pop-up events and karaoke parties. Is there anyone who does not love her spandex suits? Jess is from Canada and has been in the US and Mexico before moving to Eindhoven. She has founded PLASMA for performances, pop-up exhibitions, fashion launches, parties and a goal to make Eindhoven, and ultimately the world, more inclusive and more fun! It is an inclusive platform for creative entrepreneurs that is designed by female and queer designers, thinkers, musicians and artists. Jess definitely will be making a difference in Eindhoven through her work. What are her views on where Eindhoven will be in 2029?

Olivia van den Broek – She has seen and has been on the centre of all the change; like Eindhoven News, in the ‘international Eindhoven business’ since 2009 – Holland Expat Center South Communications. Olivia does not need an introduction to Expats and has been the cornerstone of the social media programmes for the Holland Expat Centre South. She is the Editor of that extremely useful welcome guide that all of us expats found life saving during our first days here in Eindhoven! One cannot miss her energy at the Meet and Greet events at the Expat Centre. Olivia knows each and every story of internationalisation in Eindhoven and are you not keen to hear from her on the next wave?

Vincent Merk – Working in the field – Educator and Community Advisor. Vincent hails from Strasbourg and is a long termer in Eindhoven. He is a familiar face in TU/e where he teaches intercultural communications. Vincent is an active contributor to developing the community. To quote his own words “As such culture and communication are part of my entire life and they activate my 5 senses all day long! And I like to share these impressions and experiences.” Culture is a major element of change that goes hand in hand with internationalisation. Where does this lead in the next decade? Hear from Vincent on the impact of internationalisation on culture and communication.

Irene Martens, Manager Eindhoven News, and with Eindhoven News since 2009. The moderator for the panel discussion who has been bringing the happenings of the last decade to the internationals on a daily basis. Who better to table and coordinate this lively debate on the topic of where do you see Eindhoven in 2029?


See you on 21st September in the Hub on Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven. Just walk in on the day of the event and we will be there to welcome you!

The organising team of Eindhoven News

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