Knowledge festival in Evoluon focuses on innovation in education

Teachers, visitors and business people meet each other at the Evoluon in Eindhoven during the knowledge festival Leren in Brainport (Learning in Brainport).

The festival takes place for the third time and the central theme this time is innovative education.

The Brainport region wants to show that it is a leader in education renewal and the connection with the labor market with a knowledge festival like this. In addition, the festival is an opportunity for schools and business companies to meet each other.

The skills that staff must have is changing rapidly. These skills are taught at school. Therefore, according to the organization, it is good that companies and schools meet each other and talk about a topic such as innovation.

The knowledge festival Leren in Brainport takes place on Tuesday, November 14th in the Evoluon.

Source: Studio040

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