100 year old Jan still plays billiards

100-jarige Jan biljart
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At 100 years old, Jan Coppelmans from Eindhoven is one of the oldest billiard players in the Netherlands. A unique event for the billiard club De Doorschieters, where he is a member. “I don’t need a walker but glasses are handy.”

Every Thursday the taxi is ready to take Jan from Eindhoven to the billiard centre La Carambole in Veldhoven, to play billiards there with other members of De Doorschieters. “I’ve actually only been there for nineteen years, but I’m there every week,” he said.

“It’s important not to stress yourself out so much.”

“I’ve always done a lot of sports and I’m still very healthy because of that. Sometimes I see people aged around 80 walking with a walker, but I don’t need that. Glasses are handy now and then.”

It is not achievable for everyone to reach the respectable age of 100 years but Jan knows what it takes to grow old healthily. “It is important not to stress yourself out so much and especially not to take your work home with you. In addition, I advise everyone to save, even if you are lucky.”

“You can’t tell from Jan that he’s already 100.”

Club members are proud of their century-old billiard player and hope that Jan will come and hit the ball for a long time to come. “Jan is still so vital. The average age here is above 80, but you can’t see that he is already 100. He should continue for another six years. Then we can celebrate another anniversary with him,” commented secretary Jan Verbeek.

Jan serves as an example to others, although they are far from reaching his age. “I’m 80 now and it would be nice if I could reach 100. My father reached 90, so I still want to reach atleast another ten years. After that I’ll look further”, another billiard player said.

If it is up to Jan himself, he will indeed continue for a while, but will he make it to that 25th anniversary? “Of course, you never know. I think another three or four years.”

Source: Omroepbrabant.nl

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