Dogs removed after inspection at ‘horror breeder’

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The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has taken several dogs into custody. This happened during the inspection at the controversial dog breeder in Eersel. The breeder had been given some time last month to improve the conditions for the animals. But, on Tuesday some of the dogs appeared to be in worse shape. Two animal ambulances have now driven away from the site. Exactly how many dogs are involved is unknown.

According to the spokesperson from NVWA, the inspection carried out at the breeder’s premises was planned. A month previously a check was also carried out. 29 dogs were taken into custody, because the animals needed immediate medical care, having not received it in Eersel. “We also saw that there was a group of dogs lacking basic necessary care. Dog enclosures and drinking troughs were dirty and dogs were wet and suffering from matted hair, mange and a build up of tartar”, said the spokesperson from NVWA.

Worse situation

The breeder had been been given time to improve this, but by Tuesday morning it appeared that some situations had got worse. “We saw dirty, wet enclosures and often too many dogs in a pen. Some factors had slightly improved. But, we have taken some dogs away due to their condition, mainly consisting of teeth problems with tartar.”


Around eleven o’clock, seven animal ambulances drove to the breeder’s premises. A little later, two ambulances drove away. The dogs are being cared for elsewhere. According to the spokesperson, it is possible that the inspection will not be completed by Tuesday and that inspectors will have to continue on Wednesday. “We carefully review each situation with inspectors, vets and behavioural therapists. Every enclosure and every individual dog has to be checked and that takes time,” the spokesperson explained.

The breeder has come under fire for some time and has already been visited ten times by inspectors from the NVWA. In addition, various violations came to light, such as poor quality drinking water and too little floor space in the enclosures. The animals also rarely went outside.

Legal battle

There is a legal battle currently ongoing involving the breeder. In November last year, the municipality enforced through the court that all dogs, more than four hundred, had to be removed from there.

The breeding is in violation of the so-called zoning plan and therefore no animals may be kept at that location, the judge ruled. But that removal did not happen, because the breeder filed several lawsuits to prevent this.

Extensive inspection

At the beginning of this month, the court in The Hague said they did not have enough information to be able to make a ruling about whether the four hundred dogs should be removed or not. The case, which was brought by House of Animals, will be heard next week. But, the judge first wants to have the extensive inspection report from the NVWA. He also wants to speak to the breeder himself, but he was not present in the courtroom at the beginning of the hearing.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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