GLOW – “Green Light” art works and Precious Plastic

This year, the Precious Plastic project from Eindhoven is exhibiting an art work that brings to light the plastic problem faced by society. “Dear Plastic…” is part of the “Green Light” route, the social and environmental awareness art works exhibited on GLOW 2018.


Glow sign with an arrow pointing to the right

This year GLOW divided the light art projects in four categories, Great Light, Art Light, New Light and Green Light.

With light artworks in the “Green Light” category, GLOW Eindhoven intends to offer a platform to create awareness for sustainability in an accessible way.

For those interested in social and environmental awareness there are four art works on the subject.


Social Awareness

“Chaotic Swing” art work exhibited at Glow 2018
“Chaotic Swing” art work exhibited at Glow 2018

“Chaotic Swing” at Station Square representing the chaos around us and the chaotic and unpredictable nature phenomena through the two garlands that influence each other resulting in an unpredictable movement.

“Safety First” located at Gagelstraat which brings the discussion about privacy and the technology that is available and the price society is willing to pay for safety

Environmental Awareness

“Night Light” art work exhibited at the Green Tower which proposes a discussion over light pollution in the man-built environment.

“Dear Plastic…” located at the Dommel location which exhibits frames full of plastic bottles floating on the Dommel.

Precious Plastic + Glow Eindhoven

Precious Plastic project is currently located at the garage of the VDMA building and works on bringing to light the low recycling rates of plastic waste and the consequences this have to society.

The project counts on dozens of volunteers working at the project head quarters in Eindhoven and around the world, gathering through the community created on the internet to share knowledge, techniques and new ideas to enhance plastic recycling everywhere.

"Dear Plastic..." art work at the Dommel, made of plastic bottles collected over one day at Dutch supermarkets and residual waste deposits.
“Dear Plastic…” art work at the Dommel, made of plastic bottles collected over one day at Dutch supermarkets and residual waste deposits.

This year Glow Eindhoven, Precious Plastic, Van Happen Containers, Jan Linders and Ergon cooperated to create “Dear Plastic.. ”.

In total there are 29003 bottles in the frames floating on the Dommel, 16470 1.5 liter bottles and 12533 0.33 bottles collected by Van Happen Containers and Jan Linders.

This amount of 1.5 liter bottles corresponds to the amount collected in one day from 59 supermarkets in the Netherlands.

On the other hand, the 0.33 bottles were collected from residual waste. Because the EU did not establish a deposit for small bottles, they go directly to the residual waste bins.

What will happen to the plastic in the Dommel?

Description of the materials used to make the "Dear Plastic..." exhibition

It was ensured that no pollution would result from this exhibition at the Dommel.

To make sure the bottles would not leave residues they were all emptied, sealed with their respective caps and they had their labels thoroughly removed.

All the plastic exhibited at GLOW 2018 will become a new work of art or object for GLOW 2019, giving back to the plastic a high aggregated value.

More Information

If you would like to know more about the “Green Light” route for Glow you can find it here.

For more information on Precious Plastic, you can visit Precious Plastic website website.


by Diana Bizarro  for Eindhoven News

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