Eindhoven’s bucket list?

Eindhovens Dagblad reporter Arno de Natris lists nine things on his personal Eindhoven bucket list. Not all of these are legal, so we picked a few.

However: Eindhoven News is far more interested in your personal Eindhoven bucket lists! So feel free to share your list or ideas with the team and other readers.

A few items from Arno de Natris’ list:

1. Go to Helldorado, Dynamo Metalfest or one of the other Eindhoven rock festivals.

Eindhoven rocks! You must have joined Helldorado, Dynamo Metalfest or one of the other rocking Eindhoven festivals at least … even if you think ‘once is more than enough’!

2. An afternoon ‘toeppen‘.

A real Eindhoven tradition among those whose partners are Eindhoven shopaholics.

While the shopaholics are busy with ‘shop-till-you-drop’ activities throughout Eindhoven and only dragged you along to help with home-delivery …

You spend your time sitting outside a shop on a bench or other seat, contemplating the larger themes in life – or simply nodding off.

3. Dress up or down and join the locals!

Dress up or dress down or make yourself totally unrecognizable, then join others and celebrate Carnaval, Koningsdag, PSV winning the national football league title, Kamping Kitsch Club and any of the other Eindhoven or national festivals.

Advise: works even better, if you convince friends to join you.

4. Book an Eindhoven hotel room

Pretend to be a tourist visiting Eindhoven for the first time for one night. Book a room at one of Eindhoven’s luxurious or boutique hotels.

Visit the local tourist office for some advise and stroll around the city, seeing it with fresh eyes.

5. Book a flight from Eindhoven Airport

Pin a map of the world on your wall – or Europe. Blindfold yourself and spin around a couple of times, then put a pin on that wall. Have a look: you’re going to visit … and book your trip starting with a flight from the airport.

Alternative: book a helicopter flight with HeliFlight to hover over Eindhoven. HeliFlight offers a few dates to see Eindhoven from the air, through its website. If available, tickets cost from 130€ upward.

6. Visit the ‘Beerprofessor’

Stratumseind numbers over 50 pubs, but what will your friends and relatives say if you casually mention you went to the Beerprofessor?

“Bierprofessor” claims to be the smallest and most quiet bar along Eindhoven’s Stratumseind. According to its website it is open 6 days a week for a good conversation and a tasty glass of beer. Visit the pub’s website for more info.

7. Street-art

Have a look at street-art, gracing plenty walls throughout Eindhoven. Some of the art was or is being created by international artists!

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to create your own graffiti all over the place. Police warn, that if you pick the wrong place in your municipality, they may be forced to dish out a hefty fine!

Want to be creative? Contact Eindhoven municipality to ask where in Eindhoven you are allowed to create your very own urban art. ‘Tunnelvisie‘ is the municipality’s urban art project.

Want to create streetart but need help or advise? Some companies offer graffiti workshops. Try contact Eindhoven Graffiti Fabriek.

These are a few examples – but we think this list is a few items short. So feel free to add your own proposals!

With thanks to ED’s Arno de Natris.

Translator & contributor: Kate

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