Sint Lucas students win audience award GLOW

Sint Lucas - Glow - Talent Award
St Lucas Artwork 'Rainbow' - GLOW/Bart van Overbeeke

Students of art school Sint Lucas won the audience award at the GLOW light festival with their artwork ‘Rainbow’. Through their work on the Vesteda tower, they wanted to spread the message that everyone can be themselves. This was appreciated by the visitors, because the Eindhoven MBO students received the most votes.

The students of the Podium- en evenementtechniek (Stage and Event Technology) programme were inspired by two things when creating the ‘Rainbow’: On the one hand by the magic of the rainbow, nature’s most beautiful light show. On the other hand, by the well-known rainbow flags, which show diversity in gender, race, age and all the other ways we differ from each other, according to the designers.

That fitted well with the message that the students of Sint Lucas wanted to spread. Namely that everyone can be themselves regardless of gender, sexual preference, race or age. With that they managed to touch the public, because the Rainbow received the most votes. The students not only received an award on Saturday, but also 1500 euros. The GLOW organisation will also keep in touch with the winner with a view to possible cooperation next year.

Professional jury

Next to the Audience Award, there was also a Talent Award to be won. The professional jury awarded one of the light artworks with a GLOW Talent Award. The Shadow Organ came out as the winner. The work tells the story of the negative and positive effects of the corona pandemic.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn

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