Van Maerlantlyceum startled by student

Van Maerlant Photo credit: Studio040/San van Suchtelen

A student of the Van Maerlantlyceum was arrested last Monday after it turned out that he had a knife in his pocket.

The boy did not pull the knife, but a conflict made it clear that he was carrying the weapon. The police do not want to release much about the incident, because it concerns a minor. The suspect was arrested on Monday. That went smoothly,” said a spokesman. The boy was released that same evening.

The school has sent a letter to the parents of students following the incident. It concerned an argument ‘that had been simmering for some time’. “A case of bullying that had been going on for a while without our knowledge,” says acting rector Alexia Dirksen of Van Maerlant.


“As a school, you naturally want to offer a safe environment,” says Dirksen. “That is why we think it is very bad that something like this happens. We communicated everything directly to the parents, which was appreciated. We discussed the incident with the students in class after it had occurred. Classes where the incident is still reverberating, and that also applies to individual students, can turn to teachers,” said the rector.

Adequate measures

Dirksen does not want to say much about how the school acts against the pupil, the privacy of the pupil in question comes first, says Dirksen. “But we are taking appropriate measures,” said the rector.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha




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