2nd 30 Seconds game night soon

What is more fun than meeting new people and having a laugh while playing a fun board game? Sound good?

Then come to the Student Hotel in Stationsweg, Eindhoven on Tuesday, 8 January at 20:00. The 2nd 30 Seconds Board game get-together will be held. In this game, you have to guess as many topics as possible, cryptically described, in 30 seconds. This popular game is now also being used in Eindhoven as a tool to help expats meet each other, and the locals.

The familiarity and accessibility of this board game are the starting points for organisers, Frank van der Vleuten of OUTtogether and Irene Martens of the Eindhoven News. They organise a monthly game night at the Student Hotel. “Whether you speak Dutch or can only understand English”, explains Frank, “the game’s design makes it an easy way for everyone to laugh with each other.”

“We noticed that there is a great need for activities for internationals to interact with the Eindhoveners”, adds Irene. “The game brings local and international people into contact with each other. It is also a great way to improve your Dutch and English.”

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