wedowe workshops in Eindhoven

video workshop

WEDOWE hosts a series of unique worskshops in Eindhoven, during the September and October. Wedowe is an innovative organisation that supports social projects. Their workshops offer a non traditional learning experience. You can sign up till August 20.

Their “pluswhat deal” is an adventurous 6 weeks trajectory in Eindhoven for young creatives who want to take their skills to the next level but need an extra hand to do so.

In “pluswhat deal” you invest in yourself and find out more about who you are, while making an impact to the world around you.

The commitment is of 6 workshops of 4 hours, with the possibility to work during the week in the presence of professionals.

The goal of the deal is to let our participants learn how to make a video from beginning to end, going through the phases of conceptualization, script-writing, production management, and of course shooting and editing. At the same time they are encouraged to explore ways to combine their talents and to share a message about what makes them feel uncomfortable about the world.

The pluswhat deal consists of a series of 6 four-hour workshops, with the possibility of working outside of the workshop hours at our office space, while being in the presence of professionals. Find here the form to sign-up (pls note its a Dutch version).

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