Eindhoven start-up in the Eurobike Award 2018 final

Furiosa, Eindhoven based young bike manufacturer qualified to this year’s EUROBIKE AWARD final. EUROBIKE is the leading global trade show for the bike business. It will take place on July 8-10, in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Furiosa brand was established in 2017 by Sebastian Loghin, with the purpose of bringing to market a modern and practical single speed city bike for the young professionals of the ever-expanding cities of Europe. It combines minimalistic, clean lines and an overall appearance with great practicality: lightweight aluminium structure, rustproof components, puncture proof tires, high-quality finish and the patented folding handlebars (and folding pedals) for easy storage and handling.

We asked Sebastian, originally from Romania but living in Eindhoven, what he thinks of his nomination: “Reaching the final stage of this competition gives me hope that Furiosa can make a difference in more people’s lives. That’s the purpose of this bike – to be practical, great to ride and beautiful to look at; and to make some people happy at the end of the day. Developing Furiosa, Eindhoven has been the perfect place. To me, Eindhoven is design, art, technology, and an innovation city. Not necessarily on purpose, but I think these elements went into this bike, so in a way, I see Furiosa as a reflection of this city. And yes, it happens to be built by an expat too.”

And to go even deeper in the origins of this bike, according to Sebastian, there are two principles which this brand is built upon: freedom and fearlessness. “Too many times we as humans act out of fear and forget to stand up for our freedom. Furiosa is then perhaps something to remind us at every single ride that we are more powerful than we think,” he discloses.

Out of more than 70 submissions, 20 Start-Ups were selected to present their products on July 7. Sebastian needs to do a Start-Up pitch in which he should highlight the advantages and added value of the respective product in 180 seconds. The jury, which is comprised of industry professionals, will determine an overall winner after the pitches.

Here you can find out more about Furiosa? Visit www.furiosabike.com, check the Facebook page or follow on Instagram.

For Eindhoven News: Irene Martens

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