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If it were up to PSV, the Philips Stadium would become considerably larger in the coming years. As far as the club management is concerned, this involves more than ten thousand extra places.

The expansion is necessary to join the top European Football League. However, the possibilities still need to be investigated financially and architecturally.

Research agency Hypercube recently researched the probable ranking of PSV among the European superpowers. What is needed for this and what is PSV still missing? One of the spearheads is the capacity of the Philips Stadium. PSV has a waiting list with thousands of interested parties, but the current accommodation is completely sold out, with around 28,000 season ticket holders and several thousand individual tickets per match.

PSV has a connecting role around Eindhoven. With shirt sponsor Brainport Eindhoven, the business community in the South-East of the Netherlands is brought to the attention. Leading companies find each other through PSV and support the club. The business areas and sponsor boxes in the Philips Stadium are full, and it is difficult to earn much more money.

Local authority

It is still unclear how PSV plans to finance the renovation plans. The stadium will remain at its current location. The municipality of Eindhoven is a discussion partner in everything and has already been informed about the ambitions. ‘Eindhoven’ owns the land under the stadium. This has been leased to the club. PSV owns the Philips Stadium.


“We are very happy with the outcome regarding the best location”, says Marcel Brands, General Manager of PSV. “We will take many recommendations into account. We now know what is possible. It is up to us to determine what we want to achieve”, says Brands.


Furthermore, Hypercube’s research indicates that the ambition to qualify for the Champions League within three-quarters of the season is realistic.

“One of the limitations that PSV may face is a drop of the Netherlands on the UEFA coefficient list”, the club said. “Losing sixth place in the rankings and therefore a greater chance of missing out on the UEFA Champions League is a risk that Hypercube identifies. She sees a multi-year budget based on the UEFA Champions League in three-quarters of the cases as a responsible starting point”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha

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