This is what the carnival parades looked like

Carnival parade
Photo credit: Studio040

Carnival floats, hopping people and rowdy crowds lining the sides. Dwèrsklippelgat, Krutjesgat and Klompengat were the scene of a festive carnival parade. See a photo impression below.

During Carnaval, all towns get a different name, chosen because of a historical and often humurous aspect.


Dwèrsklippelgat (Nuenen): a ‘dwèrsklippel’ is Brabant dialect for a naysayer, a person that always is against or a beam that lies transversly. A ‘gat’ is a tiny village.
According the oldest and most persistent story the name arose for the first time during work on Saint Clement’s Church. Workmen tried against their better judgment to carry a beam transversely through the doorway. Dwèrsklippel also refers to Nuenens weaving history as a part of a weaving loom.

Dwerslippelgat Parade
Photo credit: Studio040


This is the name for Son and Breugel during Carnaval.
It refers to the people of Son and Breugel who, a long time ago, used to collect pine cones in the forests to fire their stoves. And again, a ‘gat’ is a tiny village.

Parade Krutjesgat
Photo credit: Studio040


That is what Best is called during Carnaval. A ‘klomp’ is a clog and this is because of the clog industry in Best. In winter times, farmers used to make clogs as a side income and this worked well due mainly to the fact that poplars (Canidas trees) were found to grow well in this area.

Klompengat Parade 2024
Photo credit: Studio040

Here an impression of the parade in Klompengat (Best)
(Dutch comments)


Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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