Camera surveillance on business parks Best wanted

Plan for camera surveillance business parks Best
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The municipal council of Best wants to allocate €250,000 for camera surveillance on three industrial estates. Entrepreneurs have long wanted to improve safety on their sites with the help of cameras.

This is evident from a proposal from the Mayor and Aldermen, which the city council discussed on Monday evening. The council shares the concerns of entrepreneurs about safety on the ‘t Zand, Breeven and Heide sites. However, the municipal council does impose a condition on the investment. For example, entrepreneurs must organise themselves better to keep the sites safe, sustainable and clean.


There has been a wish in Best for some time that companies would be better able to find each other to tackle common tasks. To start setting up such an entrepreneurial collective, the municipality wants to reserve €100,000. A study should reveal how the collaboration can best be designed.


Ultimately, the companies themselves must also invest, in addition to the €35,000 that the Mayor and Aldermen want to release. According to the municipality, more than just camera surveillance is needed to keep the industrial estates safe. The reasoning is that other measures are also necessary. The municipal council emphasises that camera surveillance has already paid off on industrial estates in the local municipalities of Son en Breugel and Oirschot.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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