Eindhoven News organises English general election debate

English debate candidates collage
Photo credit: Candidates - Mpanzu Bamenga, Jan Joosten, Judith Tielen, Eva de Bruijn, Valerie Pajak

Eindhoven News has organised an English general election debate on 16 Nov (6 pm) at the City Hall of Eindhoven (Stadhuisplein 1 A). Candidates from five major parties will participate. 

The participating parties are D66 (Democratic 66), CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal), VVD (People’s Party for Liberals and Democracy), PvdA-Gl (Labour and Green left coalition) and Volt (Pan-European political movement). People have an opportunity to meet both sitting members of parliament and probable members of parliament, such as Judith Tielen, Mpanzu Bamenga, Eva de Bruijn, Valerie Pajak, Jan Joosten and Inge van Dijk.


The debate consists of four segments, and each will focus on key topics. The topics to be discussed in the first segment are international students, housing, minimum wage and the development of the Brainport region. The second segment will focus on immigration, 30% ruling, and asylum. The third round will be dedicated to innovation, sustainability, mobility and security. The final round will highlight housing, health insurance and taxation. Beena Arunraj, Eindhoven News, will be the moderator, and will be joined by guest moderators in segments two, three and four. Zach Newmark from NL Times will co-moderate segment two. Jean-Paul Linnartz will share the moderation for segment three. And finally Robin Pascoe from Dutch News will partake in the last round.

Audience question hour 

Question time from the audience will follow the moderated debate. After the audience Q & A, Eindhoven News cordially welcomes all attendees to a drink “borrel” at the Hal van 100.

Registration: 17:30 hrs 

Start of programme: 18:00 hrs

Networking and drinks: 20:00 hrs

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