Activists organise action for Palestine at Eindhoven central station

Thursday sit demonstration Palestine on Eindhoven Centraal
Photo credit: Lennard Vader/Studio040

Similar actions have previously taken place in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Badly needed according to the organisers, who point out the seriousness of the situation in Gaza. The sit-in is planned for Thursday 16 November at 18.00 at the central station.

“We demand an end to the genocidal war on Gaza, the ethnic cleansing and forced displacement of Palestinians, and the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. We also urge the Dutch government to sever diplomatic ties and cooperation with the State of Israel and Israeli companies”, it said.

Exert pressure

With this campaign, the activists want to encourage the Dutch government to take action. “The aim of the sit-ins is to interrupt normal business and to put pressure on the Dutch government, which still refuses to call for a ceasefire. These are non-violent actions, where the aim is not to block travellers”.

For the first time

It is not clear how many people are expected to attend the event. “It is the first time that a campaign of this kind has been conducted in Eindhoven. It may be awkward for many people, but we hope that we can mobilise as many people as possible”, one of the organisers said.

It is not the first pro-Palestine action in Eindhoven. At the end of October and mid-October, a silent march and a protest action were also organised in Eindhoven, respectively. Sitting actions will also be organised on Thursday in Breda, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

~Ed.: Eindhoven News’ stand point is that all people (whatever their origin, personality or belief) should be able to live a safe, healthy, free and happy life. We encourage peace for all.

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