Additional 48 million for Eindhoven’s underground bus station

Eindhoven Centraal underground bus station investment
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

Extra money will come from The Hague (Dutch government) to the region. For example, the government is allocating an additional €48,000,000 for the new underground bus station in Eindhoven. Tens of millions are also being invested in better cycle paths and local roads.

This is the outcome of negotiations between the Municipality of Eindhoven, the province and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

According to Eindhoven councillor Stijn Steenbakkers and provincial councillor Stijn Smeulders, it is special that The Hague Dutch government) currently wants to release additional millions. The cabinet is currently outgoing and therefore has less room to make important decisions. Infrastructure budgets are also shrinking in The Hague.

‘Importance for the whole of the Netherlands’

“The doors are opening more and more easily in The Hague. They dare to go a step further for us. The developments in this region are also of great importance for the whole of the Netherlands. In addition, ministries are pleased with the fact that the business community also contributes significantly to public tasks. This means we can make more of a difference in The Hague than other regions”, Steenbakkers says.

​Last year, regional municipalities, provinces, businesses and ministries reached a deal worth almost €1.6,000,000,000 for better accessibility to the growing region. An important part of those agreements was the financing for an underground bus station, which would ultimately cost around €775,000,000. Due to the growth of the region, Eindhoven Centraal will be undergoing a major overhaul over the next twenty years.

Better roads, public transport and cycle paths

In addition to the investment for Eindhoven Centraal, the government is also allocating an additional €24,000,000 for the overall accessibility of the Brainport Region. This involves better public transport, better cycle paths and better local roads. In the near future, the boards of the regional municipalities will sit down to see how the money can best be spent. Steenbakkers: “They should also feel this in villages such as Bladel, Bergeijk and Deurne”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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