Bus from station to ASML allowed to use emergency lane

ASML in Veldhoven
Photo credit: ASML/Studio040

Buses that commute back and forth between Eindhoven Centraal and ASML in Veldhoven will soon be allowed to drive on the hard shoulder on A2/N2. This has been agreed upon by the municipality, province and central government.

There has been a desire in the region, among municipalities and companies, for some time to make a fast connection between the Eindhoven station and the chip machine manufacturer in Veldhoven possible. Recently, representatives from the region have once again sat down with administrators and policymakers in The Hague. It has been announced that buses will soon be allowed to use the emergency lane.

Less traffic jams

“The Ministry of Infrastructure has now instructed Rijkswaterstaat (the directorate-general for public works and water management) this will happen”, Eindhoven councillor, Stijn Steenbakkers, says. “This should ensure fewer traffic jams in Eindhoven-Noordwest, on  A2/N2”.

It is not yet known from when the buses will be allowed to use the emergency lane. Read here about the other agreements that the Municipality of Eindhoven has made with the province and the central government.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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